Dr. Ammr Alhoussan

Doctor (MB, BCh, BAO)

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Dr. Ammr Al-Houssan is a Canadian international medical graduate who studied abroad at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in a direct entry medicine program. This allowed him to pursue medicine at a young and passionate age, as well as expand his global footprint. He achieved his MB BCh BAO degree with Honours in 2019. He is an aspiring general surgeon with commitment to making a difference in healthcare and the younger generation to come.

Ammr Al-Houssan aspires to complete his surgical residency training at the University of Connecticut and hopes to pursue fellowship training and establish his practice to play a positive and transformative role in the lives of his patients.

Al-Houssan came of age in the National Capital Region of Canada. An assiduous student with a strong interest in science, he earned his Ontario Secondary School Diploma from the Earl of March Secondary School in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata in 2013. Rather than pursue a pre-medical baccalaureate track at a North American university, Al-Houssan successfully secured admission into RCSI's direct entry medical program in Dublin, Ireland.

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